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Booking open for ‘Television Drama: the Forgotten, the Lost and the Neglected’, Royal Holloway College, Egham, 22 – 24 April 2015: FULL PROGRAMME

A major three-day conference dedicated to historical (mostly) British Television Drama is to take place at the Egham Campus of Royal Holloway College, University of London between Wednesday the 22nd and Friday the 24th of April.


The event is dedicated to discussing the value and status of lost, forgotten and neglected television drama in Britain and will be of interest to many people with a curiosity about TV drama – not just academics!

The conference will include interviews with Terrance DicksJohn IrvinPhilip Jackson, Jonathan Powell, Tara Prem, Philip Saville and Jack Shepherd and keynote presentations from James Chapman (Leicester) and Christine Geraghty (Glasgow).

Conference Programme

Wednesday 22 April

1.00-2.00 Registration (Arts Building foyer)

2.00-3.15 (Arts Building: Arts Lecture Theatre 1) Introduction: John Hill (Royal Holloway)

Keynote Presentation: James Chapman (Leicester): The forgotten history of the television swashbuckler

3.15-3.45 Tea (Arts Building foyer)

3.45-5.15 Panels 1

Panel 1A. Early Television (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-02)

John Wyver (Westminster/Illuminations): Looking for Fred: What can we know of the lost television of producer Fred O’Donovan?

Derek Johnston (Queen’s, Belfast): Repositioning The Quatermass Experiment (BBC, 1953): Predecessors, Comparisons and Origin Narratives: Stranger From Space (BBC, 1951-3)

Richard Wallace (Warwick): John Cura: Pioneer of the Television Archive

Panel 1B. Classic Crime (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-03)

Mark Aldridge (Southampton Solent): Agatha Christie’s Early Adventures at the BBC

Denise Gardner (Nottingham): Douglas Wilmer: The Forgotten Holmes?

Richard Hewett (Salford): A Study in Neglect: The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes at the BBC

5.15-5.45 (Arts Building foyer) Tea

5.45-7.00 (Arts Building: Arts Lecture Theatre 1)

Interview: The forgotten 1970s drama of Granada Television – John Irvin and Jonathan Powell

7.00-8.00 (Founders Building: Picture Gallery) Drinks reception

8.00 (Founders Building: Senior Common Room)


Private bar and The Kaleidoscope Viewing Room.

Thursday 23 April

9.30-10.00 (Arts Building foyer) Tea

10.00-11.30 Panels 2

Panel 2A. Genres (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-02)

Jonathan Bignell (Reading): Television and the invisible James Bond

Sofia Bull (Warwick): Forgotten Forensics: The Technocratic Pioneers and Gentleman Experts of 1960s Crime Television

Joseph Oldham (Warwick): ‘This is the 80s – death by violence counts as natural causes’: Forging a ‘paranoid style’ for the early 1980s in Bird of Prey (BBC1, 1982)

Panel 2B. Scotland (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-03)

John Cook (Glasgow Caledonian): ‘A View from North of the Border’: Scotland’s ‘Forgotten’ Contribution to the History of the BBC Single TV Play

Jonathan Murray (Edinburgh College of Art): Alliteration, Auteurism and Anomie: the television drama of John Byrne

Douglas McNaughton (Brighton): “Def-i-nitely back”: the rise and fall, and rise and fall, of Charles Endell Esquire (ITV/ STV, 1979)

Panel 2C. Adaptation (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-04)

Natalia Martínez-Pérez (Carlos III, Madrid): Bringing back women’s drama: Pilar Miró’s literary adaptations in Spanish television.

Lez Cooke (Royal Holloway): ‘Regional British Television Drama: From Stage to Screen – The Television Plays of Peter Cheeseman’s Victoria Theatre Company in Stoke-on-Trent’

Stewart Anderson (Brigham Young): Francis Durbridge, West German Television, and European Reconciliation during the 1960s

1.00-2.00 (Arts Building foyer) Lunch

2.00-3.30 Panels 3

Panel 3A. London Weekend Television in the 1970s (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-02)

Mary Irwin (Northumbria): “Say Goodnight Clara”: London Weekend Television’s No – Honestly (ITV, 1974-5)

Ben Lamb (UEA): New Scotland Yard (ITV/ LWT, 1972-4): A bygone era?

Sally Shaw (Portsmouth): Missing from the canon of television plays concerning 1970s black Britain – The case of Gloo Joo (ITV/ LWT, 1979)

Panel 3B. History (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-03)

James Jordan (Southampton): ‘I cannot believe that this play has a foundation in fact.’ Skipper Next to God (BBC, 1951) and the ‘Hidden’ Holocaust on Post-war British Television

John Hill (Royal Holloway): ‘Dominic Behan and the emergence of ‘Troubles’ TV Drama in the 1970s’

Mark Fryers (UEA): British Maritime Television: The uncharted waters of British drama

Panel 3C: The 1970s: Regions and authorship (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-04)

Matthew Kilburn (Oxford): News of The Paper Lads (ITV/ Tyne Tees 1977-8): Struggling with the contemporary and with regional and youth identity in children’s television drama

Vanessa Jackson (Birmingham City/ Royal Holloway): “Nothing was being done about it, and there weren’t any writers” – A case study in Tara Prem’s A Touch of Eastern Promise (BBC2, 1973)

David Rolinson (Stirling): Drama as science documentary – Alan Plater’s banned Horizon: The Black Pool (BBC, 1978) 3.30-4.00 (Arts Building foyer)

Tea 4.00-6.00 (Arts Building: Arts Lecture Theatre) Screening & panel

Second City Firsts: The Actual Woman (BBC2, 1974) + Second City Firsts: Pig Bin (BBC2, 1974)

Panel: Second City Firsts (BBC2, 1973-8) – Philip Jackson, Tara Prem, Philip Saville and Jack Shepherd

7.00 (Founders Building: Senior Common Room)


Private bar and The Kaleidoscope Viewing Room

Friday 24 February

9.30-10.00 (Arts Building foyer) Tea

10.00-11.00 (Arts Building: Arts Lecture Theatre 1)

Keynote Presentation: Christine Geraghty (Glasgow): “But what about… Coronation Street?”: Remembering and forgetting in Television Studies

11.00-11.30 (Arts Building foyer) Tea

11.30-1.00 Panels 4

Panel 4A. Writers (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-02)

Vicky Ball (De Montfort): Writing women into histories of British television drama: Adele Rose

Billy Smart (Royal Holloway): “Half-hour studies in resentment”: Howard Barker as television playwright, 1972-4

David Forrest and Sue Vice (Sheffield): Retrieving Barry Hines’s Archive

Panel 4B. Cancellation, Failure and Obscurity (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-03)

Max Sexton (Birkbeck): Tripods (BBC1, 1984-5): the Problem of the Interrupted Television Series

Victoria Byard (Falmouth): Wail of the Banshee (ITV/ Central, 1992): the death cry for ITV children’s television?

Andrew Fox and Bianca Mitu (Huddersfield): Truly Vexed (BBC2, 2010-2): How an innovative television drama failed

Panel 4C. Memory and Broadcasting (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-04)

Ken Griffin (Ulster): Lost and forgotten: Exploring non-existent television drama

Rachel Moseley (Warwick): The Art of Child’s Play: The Forgetting (and Remembering) of Stop-Motion Animation for Children

J.P. Kelly (Royal Holloway): A Vast Digital Wasteland: The Economics and Ephemerality of Digital Television

1.00-2.00 (Arts Building foyer) Lunch

2.00-3.30 Panels 5

Panel 5A. Ambitious 1970s BBC Studio Experiments (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-02)

Leah Panos (Reading): Celebrating 1970s Fringe Culture: Full House (BBC2, 1972-3)

Ian Greaves and John Williams: “Must we wait ’til Doomsday?”: The making and mauling of Churchill’s People (BBC1, 1974-5) (40 minutes)

Panel 5B. International Perspectives (Windsor Building: Windsor 1-03)

Georgia Aitaki (Gothenberg): Greek television comedy and the construction of the ‘modern Greek’: The case of the early 1990s

Andrew O’Day: Following the scent: The Case of the Missing Bloodhound Gang (PBS, 1980-8)

3.30–4.00 (Arts Building foyer) Tea

4.00-5.15 (Arts Building: Arts Lecture Theatre 1)

Interview: The BBC1 Classic Serial (1981-8) – Terrance Dicks

5.15–5.30 (Arts Building: Arts Lecture Theatre 1)

Closing: John Hill

Booking details can be found here:

Egham campus can be reached by road (M25), rail (from Waterloo and Reading) and by air (Heathrow). Conference queries should be sent to Billy Smart at

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[…] project organised a terrific conference last week at Royal Holloway, University of London: ‘Television drama: ther forgotten, the lost and the neglected’. John presented his paper ‘Looking for Fred: what can we know of the lost television of […]

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