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Tony Garnett on Troy Kennedy Martin

On 18 March 2004 I interviewed Tony Garnett for a book I was researching about the screenwriter Troy Kennedy Martin.[1] The interview began with Garnett talking about his debut as a television actor in Kennedy Martin’s first television play, Incident at Echo Six (1958) and his role as a young tearaway in one of Kennedy […]

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The Cops (BBC, 1998-2001)

By Ben Lamb Arguably The Cops is a forgotten television drama. For television aficionados such as ourselves it feels only yesterday that the programme’s signature handheld Jason Bourne-style shaky cameras dragged the British police procedural kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century – starkly daring to suggest, as it did, that some coppers and detectives […]

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Tony Garnett (1936-2020)

Following the death of Tony Garnett, on 12 January 2020, obituary writers and those paying tribute to him understandably focused on his hugely influential career as a radical television producer, sometimes noting that he had begun his career as an actor in series such as An Age of Kings (BBC, 1960), Emergency – Ward 10 […]